You have a Plone 4 package with some JS in it and like to use it one Plone 5? With a little luck it will work out of the box. Unfortunally not in every case. I will explain such a case for others to not repeat my errors.

In the former articles of this series we described our strategy to find optimal zoom levels from arbitrary data. The idea is to avoiding that two points in same zoom level be too close together. Our first approach failed as we tested it with real data. We had missed a detail that we describe in this article. Also we give a solution to this problem.

Most of my 3D models are for industrial use and therefore made with VariCAD. I have done some "artistic" things in Blender, but I am to old to learn Blender properly. Today I was looking for a 3D modell of a pencil holder to organize my physical desktop. There was nothing of the shelf that fullfills my needs, but some honeycomb designs were promising. So I liked to tweak them, but how?