Open source

Primarily we are using open source software and open source components (libraries) and/or we develop such.

Open source stands for quality. There are not much commercial software components which can compete with open source components. Commercial software sometimes performs better but on the downside it is not so flexible, and a horror to debug. Since debugging is 80% of the daily work of developers the debugging aspect alone is a K.O. criterion for commercial components.

Open source is reliable. Every software has errors, even open source software. The number of reviewers and their possibility to review the source code is so much higher than for commercial code that errors become noticed earlier and are corrected faster.

Open source is standardized and open. Each industry needs standards. The open source community defines open standards and tries to implement them. Some commercial players try to impose their software as de facto standards without even thinking on openness. The interoperability with such commercial software is limited and hinders the software plurality that forms new creative solutions.

Open source is independent. There are numerous cases in which software companies have been bought simply to be liquidated. Patent issues can prohibit well-established software companies from selling sell their products anymore. The customers of these companies then have massive problems to maintain this software. Open source is free from patents and can not be buyed out.

Open source is no longer exotic. Ten years ago I was asked from a concerned customers "Open source - these are the bad hackers, are they". Currently, it is common in all software production contracts I got presented from the industry that there is claimed "the produced software is free from patents or legal rights of any third party". Sometimes it is the wish of the customer that at least critical parts of their software is published as open source to guaranty the existence of the code independently of the existence of inqbus. 

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